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How We Work

FNC Performance is a clinic that specializes in functional neurology. We offer non-drug, non-surgical care for those with neurologically-based health problems and utilize concepts of neuroplasticity to make lasting changes within the central nervous system.

FNC Performance offers personalized care plans for neurologically-based health problems.

When patients come to us, they’re serious about making a change for the better. We see athletes who want to perform better, we see high school athletes who want to achieve their goals, and we see everyday people who need help recovering after brain injuries. Fortunately, the functional neurologists at FNC Performance are the partners that can help these patients reach their goals.

Interested in how we work? Here’s a breakdown:

Getting to Know You

Before you come in for your consultation, we’ll get to know you over the phone. This is an important part of our care because it ensures you’re a good fit for the type of services we offer. A quick 15-minute call is all it takes to make sure your first visit will be beneficial!

Your First Visit

When you come in, we’ll begin doing your initial workup and examination so we can get more in-depth information about what’s going on in your body. This will usually take an hour, as we like to be thorough and identify all areas of concern. With your results, we can create a baseline that shows us where your body is at and what we are starting with. From there, we will create a care plan that’s personalized for your body and goals.

Examples of tests and diagnostics we use:

Food Sensitivity
Neurological Assessment
Structural Exam
VNG (Videonystagmography)
BTrackS™ Posturography

Virtual Reality Balance Assessment



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Your Care Plan

Each person is unique, and to meet those individual needs, we’ll create a personalized care plan based on your results and priorities. For example, a professional athlete that flies out for care may need an extremely intensive program where they are seen multiple times a day. However, a local high school football player may need a less intensive program where we see them a couple of times per week for a month.

Evidence-based therapies using cutting-edge technologies are at the forefront of our care. These can include functional neural therapy, orthopedic rehabilitation, brain-based adjusting, VR therapy, and so much more. Our priority is to restore the brain-to-body connection, create new pathways, and improve existing areas of concern to ultimately optimize performance.

Integration of Recommended Therapies

Our patients must commit to integrating their care plan into their everyday lives. Part of this means coming in for appointments as they are recommended (based on goals, test results, and availability). Our team collaborates with you to ensure all aspects of your care plan are cohesive and address all areas of concern.

As your care progresses, your timeline and goals will change. We work closely with you every step of the way to foster a trusting relationship where you’re always given the information you need. Your recommended therapies will be discussed as they change to ensure they help you reach your goals.

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