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FNC Performance provides care for professional athletes, weekend warriors, casual athletes, high school athletes, and anyone who is active! To facilitate faster healing that optimizes movements and brain coordination, we provide a wide variety of in-depth services. Our technology is the best around and our functional neurologists have extensive training to ensure it’s used properly.

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Extensive Testing

We use Cyrex and Vibrant America Labs to test for specific health issues and general blood chemistry to see what’s going on internally.

VR Motion

VR Motion, made by Virtualis, helps us rehabilitate the lower extremities and turn on reflexes so patients achieve better balance. This technology captures movement in three dimensions, which can identify abnormalities and imbalances in the way you move.


Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehabilitation is an approach that combines orthopedic rehabilitation with functional neurology. It focuses on the muscles, bones, joints, and nervous system to help athletes recover from injuries while also improving their abilities and functions.

Pulse PEMF

This therapy uses devices that emit specific frequencies of electromagnetic pulses onto targeted areas of the body. It’s a great choice for athletes because it helps increase circulation and blood flow, reduce inflammation, aid in tissue repair, help with pain management, and assist with relaxation.


Peripheral magnetic stimulation helps the body repair itself naturally by delivering a quick-paced electromagnetic frequency. This improves energy naturally by decreasing inflammation while improving blood flow and mitochondrial function.

ARP Wave

This device delivers direct micro-current stimulation that can help accelerate recovery after injuries and surgeries. It creates a waveform that replicates the natural bioelectrical signals of the body, which then stimulates muscle contractions.

Erchonia FX 635

The FX 635 by Erchonia is an FDA-approved laser designed to relieve pain and inflammation from plantar fasciitis. It can greatly reduce the pain that patients with plantar fasciitis have struggled with.

NeuroVisual Training

This is a type of vision therapy that uses little to no technology but can have a positive impact on athletic performance and recovery. The exercises in this therapy can improve visual acuity, eye-hand coordination, and peripheral vision.

Dyna Vision

The lights are distributed across the board and users are given various activities that will test their specific movements and actions. This therapy can be adjusted as you progress through therapy and strengthen your visual performance skills.


The Gyrostim is a specialized rotating chair that provides controlled vestibular stimulation through rotational movements. It can help patients improve their stability, balance, coordination, visual-motor integration, cognitive function, and even decision-making!

NeuroTracker X

This technology provides athletes with a cognitive training platform that targets visual processing, decision-making, memory, and attention. One way it works is by using 3d multiple-object tracking exercises that test an athlete’s cognitive skills.

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