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Functional neurology can help your brain heal more effectively after a concussion or brain injury. By promoting your brain’s neuroplasticity and rewiring the way it works, we can address imbalances that are impacting your athletic performance and even everyday tasks.

The Patient with a Concussion

Whether you’ve experienced a recent concussion or brain injury, or you had one in the past, it’s important to understand that recovery doesn’t automatically happen. Although time may pass and you think you’ve improved, there are very likely to be neurological imbalances that are impacting your athletic performance. Even everyday tasks can be thrown off by any degree of brain injury!

By using the tools that functional neurology has to offer, you can help your brain heal more effectively. We will address imbalances by promoting your brain's neuroplasticity and rewiring the way it works. While it sounds complicated, we have the tools, incredible technology, and extensive experience to make this happen.

Did you Know?

Research shows that after you’ve had a head injury, you’re more prone to lower extremity injuries and ACL tears. This happens when your brain and sensory motor integration are not recovered, as both play a major role in the way you move during activities.

The Patient with a Physical Injury

While concussions are common for athletes, physical injuries often take a front seat as they can directly impact the ability to move. Physical rehabilitation is an important part of the recovery process, but functional neurology can also play a major role in addressing injuries. Achilles injuries, lower back pain, headaches, migraines, ACL tears, and even plantar fasciitis are all issues that functional neurology can target. By understanding how these injuries can impact your body’s ability to function at an optimal level, we can find effective solutions for athletes.

Even when physical pain is gone, the consequences of an injury to the body can still linger. By looking beyond the area that’s injured and instead at the function of the brain, we can see positive outcomes for our patients. We integrate and utilize functional neurology, neuroscience, orthopedic care, and structural care for total brain and body care. As a result, this improves the nervous system, gives patients better awareness of their bodies, helps with coordination, and benefits balance.

The Casual Athlete/Weekend Warrior

If casual sports and fitness activities are a part of your life, then functional neurology can benefit you. FNC Performance sees individuals recovering from injuries from sports and activities, and we see patients who want to prevent injuries and perform better as they continue fine-tuning their skills.

You don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from our services.

Our targeted interventions address neurological and musculoskeletal issues that can impact the athletic abilities of any type of athlete. Our functional neurologists will work closely with you to develop a care plan to get your body tuned up and ready to perform better than ever before.

The Professional Athlete

The demands placed on professional athletes go far beyond strenuous training and hours spent playing their choice of sports. Poor diet, lack of sleep, constant travel, and stress can all take their toll on the body as well. All professional athletes can benefit from comprehensive assessments that target which parts of the body need to be recovered. Our experience ensures we can provide sport-specific care plans that are tailored for each athlete and what their body needs.

While we will focus on enhancing performance by working on recovery from injuries, we also look at other areas of the body that need attention. By shifting the focus from one area to the entire brain-to-body connection, we can transform the abilities of our athletes so they recover, accelerate, and thrive.

Did you Know?

That even gut health and nutrition can affect athletic performance? We use a functional medicine neuroinflammatory approach to help our patients improve their gut health. We utilize in-depth testing, including those for food sensitivities and inflammation, so athletic performance is improved.

Athletes we’ve worked with:

We’ve helped hundreds of professional athletes who come to our office specifically for our in-depth care. We work hard so you can work hard doing what you love, with results you can be proud of.






Bull Riders


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Our clinic offers cutting-edge technologies and highly effective therapies to help you recover from injuries and improve your athletic performance. We can work with you no matter your athletic abilities or skill level.

The Patient Who Wants to Avoid Injuries

Functional neurology can play an important role in helping you prevent injuries, whether you're playing sports or doing casual activities. While there is no way to avoid injuries completely, functional neurology will address certain neurological factors that can contribute to an increased risk of injury.

We'll work closely with you to improve neuromuscular control, enhance your stability and balance, optimize your movement, and improve your reaction time. By focusing on each of the areas above, your body will function at a more optimal level no matter what physical activity you're doing.

The Patient Who Wants to Increase Longevity

We help all types of patients work towards improving their longevity, whether they simply want to play casual sports for longer or they are trying to get a couple more years out of their professional career. One aspect of our care is musculoskeletal, as we look at muscle strength and stability to ensure the body can effectively absorb force and prevent injury. When combined with the visual vestibular brain connection and reduced inflammation, this can increase athletic longevity for years.

High School Sports Athletes

We are glad to help high school sports players prevent injury, recover from injury, and accelerate their performance through functional neurology. We understand the concern of parents, which is why we use the best testing and solutions to help high school athletes optimize their performance. Not only do we want to see players do their best, but we also want to see them prevent injuries by optimizing their performance.

Do You Want to…

Recover from a concussion or brain injury?
Strengthen your abilities after a physical injury?
Improve your balance, coordination, and brain-to-body connection to gain an edge over competitors?
Get more in touch with your body so you can do activities or sports for longer?
Get to the next level of conditioning for your favorite sport or activity?
Improve your abilities so you can stay in your professional athletic career for a couple more years?
Find effective solutions to feel better because surgery didn’t help?

FNC Performance can help!

Our cutting-edge technologies, combined with our in-depth functional neurology approach, mean you get the best care possible. Our care plans include a variety of therapies that are highly effective for helping patients recover from injuries and strengthen their abilities to improve athletic performance. No matter your athletic abilities or skill level, we can work with you to make a difference in the way you play!

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