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Why We’re Different

FNC Performance is a high-quality functional neurology clinic that caters to both local and professional athletes. Our functional neurologists have extensive training and years of experience working with athletes of all skill levels. We have cutting-edge technology and the best functional neurology equipment that is available!

FNC Performance is the go-to office for high-quality functional neurology care, catering to both local and professional athletes

We draw in clients from nearby as well as those who live hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Our functional neurologists have extensive training and years of experience working with athletes, weekend warriors, high school athletes, and so many others. While our main focus has been concussion and brain injury recovery, FNC Performance is geared toward helping athletes of all skill levels recover, accelerate, and prevent future injuries.

No matter your skill level, age, or whether you have previously experienced a brain injury, our team is here to help you. We provide support every step of the way in recovery so you can be certain that you see your desired progress.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

We have cutting-edge technology and the best functional neurology equipment that is available. We keep each machine properly maintained so it provides accurate and helpful information for our assessments.
When it comes to the equipment that we use, it’s important to note that other offices may also use it. However, not all offices have the staff that are crucial to operating this equipment and reading the results accurately. A few reasons why we stand out from other offices that carry the same equipment:


The specialized equipment we use has complex protocols that are understood by highly trained functional neurologists. We understand how to safely operate these machines with the appropriate settings throughout each session so we can minimize risk and ensure safety.

Assessment and Personalization

When used by a trained functional neurologist, the equipment in our office will provide incredible information about our patients. Without the right experience, it's impossible to accurately assess someone's neurological function and create a wellness plan accordingly. We use the results from our technology to identify areas of dysfunction and neurological deficits that others wouldn't notice.

Optimize Progress

To properly progress through functional neurology therapy, each piece of equipment must be specifically utilized. You can trust our team and their in-depth understanding of neurological conditions to adjust the programs of the technology to help you reach your goals.

Extensive Knowledge Beyond Concussion Recovery

Our functional neurologists are highly sought after for their knowledge, experience, and results in caring for brain injuries. However, our skills extend far beyond recovery from concussions. While this is certainly something we can help athletes with, we can also help with recovery from physical injuries by restoring the brain-to-body connection. Additionally, we offer assistance for those who simply want to improve their skills so they can play a sport longer or achieve their dreams.

Many times, our patients are stuck on one area of concern that they think is to blame for their performance. This could be a lingering injury, aging, pain in joints, or many other issues. While those issues are important to address, the missing piece and the reason why many people never feel better is the brain and nervous system. By looking beyond the injured area and instead at the brain, we can see positive outcomes for our patients.

We integrate and utilize both functional neurology and neuroscience in combination with orthopedic and structural care. Our approach combines the principles of functional neurology with a deep understanding of sports performance, enabling us to provide targeted interventions that address the specific needs of all types of athletes.

Time Spent with Patients

The team at FNC Performance understands how important your time is, whether you’ve flown to us from another state or you’re visiting locally. This is why we perform an in-depth appointment the first time you come to see us. We create a care plan during that visit that is specifically tailored to your goals, schedule, and health.

Each subsequent appointment is spent utilizing your recommended therapies and evaluating your progress. We spend quality time and are thorough to ensure each minute of your visit is spent wisely and the goals we set are within reach.

Finding Solutions and
Restoring Hope

Many of our patients come to us distraught and looking for answers. They wonder why they never feel better, even after physical therapy or adequate rest. They wonder why they aren’t accelerating in their preferred sport, despite frequent training. We understand why these situations can be frustrating and that’s why our care extends far beyond concussion rehabilitation.

To help athletes of all skill levels as well as everyday people, we customize our care for each person. Our priority is to find the therapies that will make a difference in your performance and that will fit in with your schedule. This ignites hope in our patients and gives them the opportunity to finally see improvements in areas where they had thought nothing would change.

Not Sure If We Can Help?

FNC Performance offers a unique support system for athletes of all skill levels as well as those who simply want to remain active. We provide targeted interventions to address lingering issues from injuries, both physical and to the brain. No injuries? No problem. We can also work with you to address your performance concerns and find solutions to help you accelerate.

If what you’ve been doing hasn’t been working for you, come in and see the functional neurologists at FNC Performance. Our evaluations are thorough, and our therapies are one-of-a-kind, so you get the best care possible. If you're new to functional neurology, you might be surprised by the role it can play in your athletic performance. Once we start working with patients, they're surprised at the improvements they make, from better balance and reaction time to increased focus and concentration. Under our care, the sky is the limit!

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Our clinic offers cutting-edge technologies and highly effective therapies to help you recover from injuries and improve your athletic performance. We can work with you no matter your athletic abilities or skill level.

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